On Wobblyism: Some brief thoughts towards Revolutionary Unionism

Overall I really like this new piece and it is a breath of fresh air considering it is coming from more left communist / autonomist Marxist worker organizers in the union. It’s a breath of fresh air to me for a few reasons, unlike many Marxists of the more Leninist variety in the union it completely rejects what they call Radical Service Unionism, as well as the less fortunate aspects of Solidarity Unionism, as they say:

“Without additional components of leadership development and political co-education along revolutionary Wobbly lines, we will not be able to push the virtues of SU into a higher stage of Wobbly organizing.”

This is important ground because it is left Marxists coming out in favor of revolutionary unionism, much like the council communists, and so this could prove for a fruitful alliance with anarcho-syndicalists and anarchist communist revolutionary unionists in the IWW.

After that though I do think their summary of what brings us closer to Revolutionary Unionism could be tied in more with the better features of Solidarity Unionism and Direct Unionism as the basic core to build off of. I do think they pay respects to this, but I think it could more cohesively fill it out so I’d do something more like:

Wobblyism 1.5: Characteristic Features required for moving towards a model of Revolutionary Unionism

1. Organizing aim and method based on a revolutionary trajectory and workers’ self-activity
2. Target-based network of militants based in Wobbly workplace committees
3. Collective direct action yields class consciousness
4. Industrial unionism / cross sector/ supply chain organizational strategy
5. Contracts are Contractualism (Reject both as one and the same)
6. Integration of leadership development (“reproducing the organizer”) and political co-education into everyday workplace struggle

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3 Responses to On Wobblyism: Some brief thoughts towards Revolutionary Unionism

  1. HiFi says:

    Hey klas, interesting thoughts and I agree with them 100 percent. The link you provided is now broken, so I didn’t get a chance to read the piece to which you refer. If it pops up again, could you repost?

    Your blog is a great resource btw.

  2. HiFi says:

    I got lucky and actually stumbled on the piece over at libcom yesterday. Thanks again.

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