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Reflections on Build Power Show Power and Occupy May First

It has been over a year but the last few months I have been mulling over my thoughts about the Build Power Show Power campaign that the class struggle anarchist milieu in North America put forward as an intervention in … Continue reading

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Wob the State: The IWW & The State (Draft)

The goal of this article* is to overview the relationship the historical and modern day IWW has had with statist politics. The inspiration for it was based on the observation that while the organization today is mostly made up of … Continue reading

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Review: Fighting for Ourselves – A contribution towards the debate in the contemporary class struggle workers’ movement (Draft)

*This draft will probably later appear in some form on Ideas & Action*         Fighting for Ourselves: Anarcho-Syndicalism and the Class Struggle tries to move in the direction of providing a framework and questions that can help the … Continue reading

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More and Better Organizers: Advice for Revolutionary Workers (Review of ‘Weakening the Dam’)

So I just got my hands on a physical copy of “Weakening the Dam” by the Twin Cities IWW from Zabalaza Books. I originally skimmed various online versions of the pamphlet a few years ago, but I would highly recommend … Continue reading

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In case you were wondering…

I’m still a libertarian communist. I’ve just become increasingly influenced by revolutionary syndicalist and council communist perspectives interested in the generalization of a self-managed and autonomous workers’ movement. Yes, I still hold heavy sympathies to insurrectionary anarchist thought as well. … Continue reading

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